Celebrate Wellness with Dockside!

Ah, January…

It’s that time of year when people realize they may have overindulged during the holiday season, and work to make some positive lifestyle changes! Whether your version of ‘too much partying’ means a few too many drinks or an extra serving or three of mashed potatoes & gravy at family dinners, we know how easy it can be to overdo it during the holidays. Dockside is here to help! With products that can both help you get your swerve on AND feel good the morning after, here are some of the products & tips we love to recommend*, based on common resolutions…

Resolution: “I want to exercise more.”

Smoking weed before you work out has the potential to help with endurance and pain management alike. Smoking weed after you work out can potentially help with reducing inflammation, helping your muscles to recover & bounce back more quickly! A nice zazzy sativa (along the lines of Doc & Yeti‘s Red Headed Stranger, Artizen’s Allen Wrench, or Kiona’s Nigerian Haze) is great to help get your blood flowing and your body going. Alternatively, topicals like Fairwinds’ Flow or Agrijuana’s FlexAll 420 applied pre-or-post workout, can help make exercising more comfortable! We also love the Body Buzz bath salts from Green Revolution – they’re in a base of Epsom salts, which is a classic sore muscle remedy. Fairwinds’ Recharge capsules is a fabulous workout buddy as well! They contain caffeine is beneficial for boosting energy levels and promoting mental focus.

Resolution: “I’m trying to quit smoking.”

A recent study shows that CBD can be very useful when it comes to quelling nicotine cravings, reducing anxiety, and helping with attentional bias (when a person’s cravings are triggered by certain cues, such as saying the word “cigarette” or seeing other people smoking). Substitution can be a very effective way to quit smoking for a lot of people… and what’s more similar to a cigarette than a joint?! For those who may have concerns regarding sobriety, CBD joints are a great option. CBD vape cartridges could also be useful for some people! Some folks have reported that Fairwinds’  PTSfree capsules have helped them with nicotine withdrawal symptoms as well.

Resolution: “I’m hoping to reduce my alcohol consumption.” 

Many people attempt to cut back on the alcohol they drink by avoiding situations where drinking will be going on.  Fortunately, there are a variety of cannabis-infused beverages you can bring to gatherings or keep stocked in your fridge in lieu of booze! Try replacing your beer with weed beverages like Olala, Wild Sides, or Happy Apple! – These beverages are delicious on their own but they can also be used as mock-cocktail mixers. For folks who prefer their drinks in the form of a shot, dabbing quality concentrates can be a great solution! We at Dockside all know that good tasty dab can be as intense and flavorful as a shot of whiskey!


So if 2019’s holiday season left you feeling a bit frazzled, we hope some of these recommendations can help to soothe you! Until the end of January, you can get select wellness products for 20% off at all Dockside locations. Stop by today to see what our current specials are!

*Disclaimer: while Dockside Cannabis has well-educated staff members and we are proud to employee several state-certified MMCs (medical marijuana consultants), we are not medical professionals. All products we suggest are recommended based on anecdotal evidence only, and are not to be considered as prescriptive advice.