Can CBD Help My Pet’s Anxiety?

Loud noises like fireworks and thunder are often a source of anxiety for our furry friends. Maybe your best bud is stressed by new people and situations. Or maybe it’s not stress or anxiety at all but physical pain or digestive issues. Our pets have an endocannabinoid system, just like we do. This system functions in our body to help regulate sleep cycles, mood, stress, and appetite among many things. In this system there are receptors CB1 and CB2 whose functions are inhibited or enhanced by cannabinoids like CBD. It’s been known that CBD— one of the cannabinoids in cannabis— can help alleviate discomfort and anxiety in animals and humans alike. There are a plethora of CBD treats and remedies on the market today but if you want to make sure the products you’re using are made from the highest CBD quality and testing, visit your local cannabis shop and have a conversation with your budtender to find the right product for you and your pet! 

We recommend visiting us at Dockside Cannabis, where you’ll have a conversation with one of our highly recommended budtenders who will help you find the right product. 

So how does CBD affect my pet? 

There are no formal studies on how CBD affects your furry friend. What we do know is that cannabinoids bond with endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous system, much like in humans, and in turn helps maintain balance in the body. 

What problems can CBD solve for my pet?

While there are no studies available, there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence from pet owners that promote CBD use in pets. Most pet owners rely on CBD to help with managing separation anxiety, chronic pain, noise phobias, arthritis, digestive tract upsets, behavioral problems, symptoms caused by cancer, and seizures in pets. 

What type of CBD can I give my pet? 

These days it’s not uncommon to find CBD in pet stores, gas stations, or the shelves of a grocery store. One thing to know is that not all of it has come from plants that have the same rigorous agricultural and testing standards as CBD found in legal cannabis shops in Washington. Read more about the differences in CBD quality in our post Hemp or Cannabis CBD: Here’s What You Need to Know.

It’s worth noting that too much THC may be harmful to your pet and it’s never a good idea to give your animal weed that’s not recommended by an expert. Always watch your animal and if you suspect your pet has gotten into your treats, read our blog What To Do When Your Pet Gets Into Your Stash.

Risks of CBD use for pets?
It is always advisable when giving your pet something new, to start with a small dose and then closely monitor for side effects. Talk to your budtender about dosing.

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