DIY Holiday Cannabis Craft Ideas

With the holiday season already upon us – and some of the year’s biggest days of giving just ahead – thinking of the perfect presents for the cannabis lovers in your life can introduce unnecessarily stressful challenges to an already jam-packed season. We’re happy to share some of our favorite crafty ideas for holiday cannabis gifts in the hopes that they help ease your decision-making burden, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters: friends, family, and fun!

Paper Towel Tube Pillow Boxes

Quite possibly the easiest of our DIY holiday options – did you know you can make adorable gift boxes out of leftover paper towel tubes? To do so, just fold the two halves of each open end together to create flaps that will seal it closed. Tape a bit of wrapping paper around the tube, tie on a bit of ribbon if you’re feeling fancy, and bam! You’ve got a perfect option for gift-wrapping pre-rolled joints, vaporizer cartridges, capsules, mints, or any other small item we carry!

‘Nug Tree’ Ornaments

Looking to hang something a little extra festive around the house, or participating in an ornament exchange with friends this holiday season? Create a mini forest using our favorite tiny trees! 

You can purchase clear plastic or glass globes from most craft stores, and from there, it’s as easy as selecting a beautiful bud or two and stashing it inside*! Not quite willing to part with your favorite flowers? These would also be great filled with some trim and a recipe card for cannabis-infused butter or coconut oil.

*We recommend cleaning out the ornaments with soap & water, and letting them dry before filling them.

Hempwick Dispensers

Those of us who prefer lighting flower with Hempwick can find ourselves constantly spooling the multi-foot rope back into a manageable shape. Repurpose an old salt shaker into a wick dispenser, and banish that stoner woe for good! Simply put the Hempwick into the shaker, thread one end through one of the lid’s openings, and you’re all set.

Be sure to completely extinguish the flame immediately after each use!


Bedazzled Lighters

Looking for a way to add a useful, but decorative spark to your gift?  Try personalizing a lighter for your loved ones! Here are some simple ideas:

  • Using washi tape, wrap your lighter in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Paint your lighters with nail polish, and seal with a top coat
  • Use stickers and Sharpies to add a personalized vibe
  • School glue or Mod Podge is great for gluing down magazine pages or wrapping paper.  Simply cut out an image about 7 cm square, paint of thin layer of glue onto your lighter and stick down your paper

Remember to seal your lighters to add durability! Painting a thin layer of school glue, Mod Podge, clear nail polish, or clear spray paint over the finished design will help to make it last.



We hope these DIY craft ideas help spark your creativity this holiday season! For more inspiration on what to gift (or put on your own list this year), check out our stoney little 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.Gift Guide | Dockside Cannabis


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