Bring the Cheer with Dockside’s 2023 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Tis the season of joy and greenery! As we embark on another trip around the sun, why not infuse some extra merriment into your festivities with a sleigh-full of cannabis-inspired gifts? Spark up the holiday spirit as you load your bowls and stockings with handpicked delights curated by our knowledgeable staff. We’ve sifted through a plethora of options to bring you the crème de la crème of weed wonders. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or spreading the cheer to loved ones, we’ve got the perfect high-spirited suggestions waiting for you below:

All suggestions are available for purchase at any of our four locations unless otherwise specified. Flavor assortment and stock levels may vary by location.


Stocking Stuffers — Gifts $15 and Under



Sip Cool Water Tincture Freezable Shots 10mg x 2-pack $5

Journeyman Lemonade Shots 100mg $11

Take your holiday drinks to another level this season and mix up some good cheer with our blog Cannabis Infused Mocktails!

Double Delicious Cartridges .5g $15

DeSaus Live Resin 1g $15

Walden Cannabis Classic Preroll .5g x 2-pack $5

Walden Cannabis Eighths 3.5g $15


Go Go Gadgets 


Puffco Peak Pro $460

On cold winter nights, one of the best things you can wrap your hands around is the new Puffco Peak Pro! While it’s hard to believe this device could perform any better than the older models, the upgraded version boasts better airflow, an updated carb cap, and a longer battery life, so you can toke long into the night!

Puff Hot Knife $60

Say goodbye to the fuss! The Puffco Hot Knife is a USB-C rechargeable dab tool with a ceramic tip that heats within seconds at the push of a button. Your goopy concentrates will slip right off and into your bowl with ease. No more gunky dab tools, sticky fingers, or fuzzies from your ugly Christmas sweater in your bowl.

Dr. Dabber Switch Bundle $440.39

Limited time offer! Elevate your vaping experience with this comprehensive package, featuring the versatile Dr. Dabber Switch, a spare glass top, and a sapphire induction cup. Accommodating diverse preferences with its innovative, all-in-one design, this is a game-changer for concentrate & flower enthusiasts alike. (PS. we won’t out you if you just want to buy one for yourself.)


Stoney as Fa… la la la la – The dank stuff

Leira Cannagars 4g $105

All of the care, craftsmanship, and artistry of Gold Leaf Gardens is embodied in these sophisticated cannabis cigars. They’re made with an all-flower (no shake!) core, meticulously wrapped in real cannabis leaves. As unique as they are luxurious, these are the perfect gift for knocking the stockings off someone special this holiday season or delighting and celebrating your friends by sharing the experience together.

 Constellation Hash Cartridges .5g $40

A staff favorite! These standout cartridges are filled with hash rosin that is made using solventless extraction methods which provide a superior flavor, aroma, and potency than most other carts we’ve tried. Discreet enough to puff while dashing about on your holiday errands or taking a little smoke (I mean bathroom) break at the in-laws.

PICC Platform Infused Joints

Laff Gass (full spectrum core) 1g $10
Liv Temple (CBD rosin core) 1g $11
Gorilla Diamondback (diamond core) 1g $15

Every so often, we encounter new technology in the cannabis industry that gets us really excited, and these infused joints are what have us cheering this year! Constructed with a concentrate-filled core encased by flower, the oil on the inside vaporizes at the perfect temperature while the flower surrounding it burns. No runs, flare-ups, or wasted oil. Just pure bliss.


Cozy Confections

Gravity Gummies  THC 10-pack (1omg/piece) $25 or- 1:1:1 10-pack (10mg CBD, CBN, & THC/piece) $30

New from Constellation Cannabis! Infused with solventless hash rosin, these all-natural vegan gummies have a more potent effect profile that’s sure to get your sled off the ground. Available in a variety of mouth-watering flavors: watermelon, pink lemonade, blueberry & mixed berry.

Ranch Crackers & Fire Crackers 10-pack (individually wrapped 10mg servings)$20

Move over Cheez-its, there’s a new boss in town. These perfectly crispy crackers from Yield Farms are salty, cheesy, and bursting with your choice of ranch or firey flavor. Individually wrapped servings help you pace yourself because willpower alone won’t do it. Eat ‘em on their own, or get wild— toss into Chex mix or crush ‘em and bread some chicken if you’re trying to win best appetizer at the party.

Gold Leaf x 4.20 Chocolate Minis 10-pack $25

Dark chocolate Kona coffee, Dark chocolate coconut, Milk chocolate s’mores, Milk chocolate honeycomb toffee

Single-origin cacao from Hawaii and rich hash rosin made by Gold Leaf from Washington combine to create these unique and luxurious chocolate bites. Enjoy them on their own, melt them into a cup of hot cocoa, or chop them up and bake some chocolate-chunk cookies. Whatever your style, these chocolates will make your spirit sparkle like tinsel.


Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a safe, relaxing, and inspiring holiday season, surrounded by warmth and love as 2023 comes to a close. We are honored to share our passion and to connect you with cannabis. May your holiday be as uplifting as a well-crafted sativa and as soothing as a gentle indica.

If you are the type of person who likes to get crafty, then check out our blog for some DIY gift ideas for your fellow weed-loving friends!