How to Make Cannabis-Infused Lemonade with Polite Power Up Tincture

Dockside Cannabis is partnering with Polite to share one of their super popular infused summer beverage recipes! While tinctures are commonly taken sublingually, summer is a perfect time to also integrate cannabinoids into your favorite dishes and beverages. Polite has collaborated with Hell’s Kitchen Chef, Cody Candelario, to share a special infused beverage recipe just in time to help you beat the heat.

This recipe uses Polite’s Power Up wellness tincture — designed to deliver intentional doses of CBD + CBG + THC with herbal extracts of gotu kola, grapefruit, and lemon eucalyptus. Formulated by a team of integrative physicians, cannabinoid therapy experts, and herbalists these ingredients provide a clean boost of energy and mental focus, without the jitters and crash that sometimes comes with caffeine or energy drinks. We like to say it helps you feel awake, not amped

Polite Sparkling Eucalyptus CBD Lemonade

by Hell’s Kitchen Chef Cody Candelario 

What you’ll need:

  • Polite Power Up CBD+CBG Tincture 
  • Citrus juice mix (any combination of meyer lemon, tangerine, orange juice etc.)
  • Sparkling Water
  • Ice
  • Sweetener of your choice (optional)


  1. If using fresh fruits, slice in half and juice (can be hand squeezed)
  2. Add ice to your glass or shaker and drop in 1 dropperful of Polite Power Up Tincture
  3. Mix in about 80% citrus juice with 20% sparkling water (adjust ratio to your liking)
  4. Stir well and sweeten to taste
  5. Feeling Fancy? Finish with a garnish of some thin slices of citrus and herb sprigs to take your drink presentation to the next level!

Note: Since Polite tinctures are all-natural oil extracts, they will float to the top of the drink. Enjoy the herbal aromas with every sip!

Watch the demo on Youtube: Video Demo

Learn more about Polite:

Polite was born in the wake of a pandemic of health and social injustice to create a solution which was missing from the existing cannabis market. Polite’s mission is to empower people to feel better, be better, and treat others better. The spirit of Polite is not about outdated constructs of social correctness, but the daily challenge we all face to stay compassionate and human in the face of life’s struggles — be they physical, emotional or social. The lack of regulation and resulting sea of misinformation and uncertain options often became barriers to people accessing solutions they so desperately needed. Polite knew it was imperative to use their unique expertise to focus on expanding research and development of products that place patients’ needs and safety as the first priority.