Love Letter to Cannabis: Candywrench

By Kaleb R. Gubernick


The genetics:  Candyland (GDP x Bay Area Platinum Cookies, available from Sweetwater Farms) X Allen Wrench (Trainwreck x NYC Diesel, available from Treedom)

The smell profile: A handfull of SweeTARTS

The taste profile: Mellow gas and sugary funk

The high profile: A racy, energetic, creative spark of a high only for those of sound mind.

Creation has always been key. Over and over again we’ve seen cannabis inspire makers to make things: words, music, paintings, photos, thoughts, friends. We can alter our brain chemistry with a match strike and a deep breath of the right stuff. And we do. Artists have found cannabis to be a silent assistant since humankind started smoking it. Most of your favorite authors, visual artists, and musicians have puffed tough at one time or another in their careers. We all try to imitate our heroes, so why not let Mary Jane take the reins and play the muse? Don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but: I write. And I’ve found weed always compliments my work with words. In no way do I believe it can manufacture creativity, but the right strain usually seems to help writer’s block limp along at the least. My brain puts together connections in different ways when I’m stoned; all crossed wires, sure, but with outcomes ending up weird in good ways. A controlled sort of freneticism. So I’m on a constant hunt for strains that make those types of connections better than others. I pay attention when my ideas become more in-depth or surreal. When my jokes are funnier or more absurd than usual. When I start to articulate in ways that surprise even myself.

In the past, I’ve tended to lean more toward Haze or Diesel lineages on the hunt for an inspiring strain. But my new-found favorites came to me over years of clocking the buying habits of creative customers. To wit, a couple strains were purchased over and over and over again by designers, artists, writers, programmers: Candyland and Allen Wrench. A half gram of each rolled together as one, my friends, is called the Candywrench. It’s sweet. It’s a tool. It has a purpose: to energize, to uplift, to inspire, to turn cranks and cogs and maybe spin a few screws loose. The combination just makes sense. Candyland is one of my top-fivers: an imaginative Sativa strain born strangely enough from Indica parents, the high perfect for staying grounded and filling a blank page. But to lift you up with the zip and zest required to move a pen across a page the many times it takes to finish a project, let me introduce Allen Wrench: even sweeter than Candyland, cresting into strong sour notes when lit up. It’s an easy, tasty smoke offering an almost speed-like buzz to compliment the creative spark from the Candyland, keeping your thoughts on track and your ideas crystal clear.

Final Words: This near perfect marriage for the mind is crazy creative, both sweet and strong. Artsy types can benefit from this mix, but they tend to be a sensitive type, too—so be wary if you suffer from the paranoia heavier Sativas tend to induce. Allen Wrench has a sweetness that descends from its Trainwreck parentage and can manifest a high that stays true to the name.

Leaf Score: 6 out of 7 leaves



Kaleb R. Gubernick is a reformed journalist that pens fiction with a surrealist bent. He lives, works, and creates in Seattle, Washington.