Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: January Edition!

Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: January Edition!

The dawning of a new year is a perfect excuse to reinvent oneself. But here are some people who reinvented themselves as someone else ENTIRELY. Someone of a different gender or race, a relative, someone with more money or different skills, someone with less money and stature, someone who is human. Here are some cannabis and film recommendations for when you need to stray so far from yourself you need to literally become an entirely new person.


Catch Me if You Can and Lazy Bee’s Powder Hound BHO Crumble – Convincing people you are a pilot, a doctor, AND a lawyer requires a great deal of energy and focus. Lazy Bee’s Powder Hound should help keep track of all of the lies required for pulling cons this big and elaborate.


DOUBLE FEATURE! Just One of the Guys and She’s The Man and Mountain High Organics Wonder Woman Hash – When you’re trying to do all of the things and be an amazing athlete but your school just doesn’t have a team for women. What’s a Sporty Spice to do but draw a mustache on with eyeliner and pretend to be a guy? It takes a real Wonder Woman to be a guy.


The Usual Suspects and Saints’ Chaos Kush Preroll – Who the heck is Keyser Soze and who is responsible for the crazy circumstances surrounding the heists perpetrated by his hired hands? By the time you sort through the chaos, he’s already gone.


The Imposter and Spot Sativa/Indica Coconut Oil – This is a real-life story of a teenager gone missing only to be found in Italy. He is returned to his home and family but something seems awry. Is he who he says he is? Much like this coconut oil, which you can put into ANYTHING, (including but not limited to simply popping it in your mouth) this guy is very good at blending in.


DOUBLE FEATURE! Some Like It Hot and Mrs. Doubtfire and Craft Elixirs’ Mandarin Lime Fruit Gems –  If the mob is chasing you for seeing something you shouldn’t have or you just miss your kids and want to see them more the solution to your problem is very simple: put on a dress and pretend to be a woman! Easy.

Just like these delicious little gummy squares.


The Talented Mr. Ripley and Seagoat Holiday Peppermint White Chocolate Squares – What begins as a case of mistaken identity tailspins into murder and identity theft. Including a scene where Ripley spends and extravagant and lonely Christmas where he treats himself to anything he desires. Treat yourself to these deliciously festive stoney treats!


Being John Malkovich and Cascade Gnome’s Prism – Ever wanted to be famous actor John Malkovich? Find the right door and you can! Much like a prism, his mind is a cornucopia of people and experiences. Also, both this movie and this weed make you feel REAL WEIRD in the best way.


X-Men Movies (oh so many choices!) and Saints’ Jeremy Fish Variety Pack Prerolls – Much like the mutant Mystique, who can embody anyone, this preroll pack gives you many opportunities to feel many different ways. With a handy color-coded map of which joints are which and where they land on the sativa/indica spectrum these joints are supernaturally excellent. And just like Mystique herself they come in a beautiful package designed by artist Jeremy Fish.


Psycho and Walden’s Mother of Dragons – Oh, mother! Why must you murder the people who stay at my motel?!? Oh because you’re actually me and I’m psycho Norman Bates? Yeah, that makes sense.


Roman Holiday and Leaph’s Panamanian Princess – She’s a princess, he’s a reporter. She escapes from her “handlers” so she can explore Rome on her own and he finds her, not knowing she’s the princess. When he finds out he decides to covertly get the scoop on her visit to Rome but when it comes time to publish will his love for her triumph over his need for a good story? Smoke a bowl of this delightful and uplifting sativa hybrid and find out!


White Chicks and Seattle Green Bud’s Actual Pain – This movie, about two cops who go undercover as rich white women, is actually painful to watch. So pair it with this sativa hybrid and enjoy at your own risk. PODCAST BONUS! The episode of How Did This Get Made? (the podcast about awesomely bad movies) about this movie is HILARIOUS. HIGHLY recommended!


Invasion of the Body Snatcher (1978) and North Coast Growers’ Wifi Alien OG Prerolls – Does everyone seem just kinda WEIRD today? Perhaps it’s because their likenesses have been copied and now they are aliens. No big deal. Just smoke one (or, let’s face it, BOTH) of these joints and wait for the chaos to pass. I’ll pass, right? RIGHT?!?!?


TV SHOW BONUS! Alias and Dama’s White Russian – I had to add this show on because NOBODY has assumed more identities than Sydney Bristow of Alias. One episode she’s in Minsk in a blonde wig and the next she’s in Spain in a red wig. Lots of wigs involved with international espionage. No big deal. It’s all streaming on Hulu. You can thank me later.