Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Women’s History Month Edition

Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Women’s History Month Edition

How does one even begin to celebrate women’s history? Women have done EVERYTHING. Exploring the contributions women have made and the glass ceilings they have shattered is an epic undertaking but cannabis is here to help guide you through this journey. So am I! Here are some recommendations for celebrating this exciting month through cinema and cannabis products.

TRIPLE FEATURE! Norma RaeSilkwoodErin Brokovich with Fairwinds‘ Deep Sleep Tincture
– When your job is something that requires you to fight (either for better wages/working conditions or against unfair laws) a good night’s sleep is necessary to keep you in great fighting shape. Fairwinds’ Deep Sleep tincture is perfect for when you need to just forget the fight for eight hours and take care of yourself.


The Education of Shelby Knox with Leaph’s XJ-13 – Sexual education and reproductive rights are a huge part of women’s history and this documentary about a teenager from Lubbock, Texas who fights her school district for access to sex ed classes. This strain not only provides a clear headed and focused mental high but a relaxed body high. Sometimes referred to as Sex J-13, this strain will guide you through both personal and general sexual education.


Chisholm ‘72: Unbought and Unbossed with Optimum Extract’s Grand Daddy Purple cartridge – In case y’all didn’t know about Shirley Chisholm’s historic presidential campaign of 1972, that is just a small fraction of what Ms. Chisholm did in her political career. She was the first black woman to be elected to Congress and has been a trailblazer for the entirety of her career. Pairing this documentary focused mainly on her presidential run with Grand Daddy Purple is the perfect way to feel warm, fuzzy, and hopeful. In her own words, “I ran for the presidency, despite hopeless odds, to demonstrate sheer will and refusal to accept the status quo.”


DOUBLE FEATURE! TigJoan Rivers: A Piece of Work with Pearl Extracts’ Cascade Connie cartridge – The world of stand-up comedy hasn’t typically been known for being the most woman-friendly environment but these documentaries about two legendary comics show that women belong in comedy. Cascade Connie makes me feel like the work of these two very different women make me feel: full of hope, sore in the belly from laughing so much, and glad to be a woman.


DOUBLE FEATURE! He Named Me MalalaGloria: In Her Own Words with Fairwinds‘ Feminine Relief Suppository – Revolutionary women deserve revolutionary products and pairing these documentaries about Malala Yousafzai and Gloria Steinem with a product that can help women’s health seems like a great plan! Some women suffer through horrible menstrual pains and these awesome suppositories are meant to promote an unobtrusive menstrual experience. Add some dark chocolate to this combo and oh, ooooops now you’re in heaven. You’re welcome!


DOUBLE FEATURE! A Ballerina’s TalePina and Emerald Peaks’ Green Cream – In the canon of women’s history there are a great many dancers. It’s because women are smart and know that dance is pretty much the greatest thing in all of time, and space, and history. Rub high CBD topical Green Cream all over ya while you think about how much worse off your body would be if you were a dancer like Misty Copeland or a choreographer like Pina Bausch.


TRIPLE FEATURE! FridaWAR: !Women, Art, RevolutionFinding Vivian Maier with Green Barn Farms’ Maui Waui Preroll – Maui Waui, a strain lauded for it’s creative inspiration, is the perfect pairing with this triple feature highlighting rad women artists (or as some call them “artists.”) It might just inspire you to make the next great masterpiece.


Amelia with Interra KOF Cones Prerolls – You can be flying almost as high as great aviator Amelia Earhart when you smoke one of these pre-rolled joints featuring kief, oil and flower. Just try not to get so lost that no one can ever find you.


DOUBLE FEATURE! Paris is BurningGeorgie Girl with Leaph’s Blue Fire – Transgender history IS women’s history and these two documentaries tell the story of some very fiery transgender folks and the incredible lives they have led.


DOUBLE FEATURE! What’s Love Got To Do With It?What Happened Miss Simone? with Far West’s Cannatonic Prerolls – When you think of truly badass women in music, if you don’t think of both Tina Turner and Nina Simone, you are just not thinking hard enough! The music and general awesomeness of both of these women have changed lives and inspired numerous people (myself included.) Celebrate their lives and enjoy the lovely high of high CBD Cannatonic while watching these films.


Miss Representation with Solstice Sunset Sherbet Preroll Pack – The representation of women in the media has long been problematic and sometimes just downright offensive. This documentary shows how women have been sold and sold to throughout history. Luckily, while you watch it you can smoke some Sunset Sherbet pre-rolls and remember things are getting better all the time for women in media. The same team who made this also made The Mask You Live In, a documentary about the often toxic portrayal of men in the media.


Edie & Thea with Nectar Hybrid RSO Capsules – These hybrid capsules are a wonderful balance between peppy sativa and relaxing indica. Just like a great hybrid, Edie and her partner Thea have been making each other better for 42 years. This documentary follows their journey to have their union recognized by the U.S. Government many years prior to legalization in 2015.


DOUBLE FEATURE! Everything is CopyWishful Drinking with Puffin Farm‘s Jack Herer – Anyone who has read the writing of Nora Ephron and/or Carrie Fisher knows that female writers are brilliant and amazing. These films tell a different story of two prolific Hollywood women who were often known for things other than their brilliant writing. Since we lost Carrie Fisher in late 2016 and Nora Ephron in 2012 these stories are especially important to keep telling to inspire women to write and be bold.


American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs with Olala’s Ginseng Cola – This documentary is about Grace Lee Boggs, activist and philosopher. A figure in the civil rights movement, Boggs was a voice for Chinese Americans and women alike. Being as badass as her requires a great deal of energy and the ginseng boost in this infused cola is a step in the right direction to genius revolutionary-level power.


TRIPLE FEATURE! The Punk SingerPussy Riot: A Punk PrayerDon’t Need You with Oleum Holy Trinity Ice Resin – I chose Holy Trinity for this the Holy Trinity of punk/feminist/Riot Grrrl documentaries. The Punk Singer is about Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman of Bikini Kill, the seminal Northwest Riot Grrrl band (and personal favorite of this author!) Pussy Riot is a punk band from Russia who fought (and continue to fight) discrimination against women and LGBTQ people. Don’t Need You is an exploration of the bands, zines, and general ethos of the Riot Grrrl movement. And all three are phenomenal.


DOUBLE FEATURE! Venus and SerenaThe Heart of the Game with Walden’s Flo – Whether or not this strain is ACTUALLY named after Florence Griffith Joyner, it makes me think of the legendary Olympic athlete and the many women she inspired to pursue their sporting dreams. Other female athletes who continue to inspire are portrayed in these documentaries, one about the wildly talented tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams and the other about girls’ basketball team Roosevelt Roughriders (yes, the Roosevelt High School right here in Seattle.) May they inspire your hoop (or net) dreams to come true!


TRIPLE FEATURE! Advanced StyleDiana Vreeland: The Eye Has to TravelIris with Saints’ Jeremy Fish Preroll Pack – Sometimes just dressing flashy can make a lady feel like a million bucks. These fashion documentaries pair almost as well as a Chanel suit with the beautiful design by Jeremy Fish for this variety pack from Saints. Fashion is for everyone. So are joints.