Shoreline Artist Spotlight: Rae Vena

Shoreline Artist Spotlight: Rae Vena

We’re very excited to have the work of artist Rae Vena up at our Shoreline location. Her surreal and magical paintings are influenced by nature and totally Pacific Northwest-y! She was in store doing live painting for her Opening Party Saturday the 18th of February with refreshments, snacks, and fun times.

Q: How did you end up as a working artist in Seattle?
A: Traveling, creating , sharing and following my bliss the last 8 years across the USA and Canada. It wasn’t long till I discovered the Cascadian coast in 2013. I fell in love! The Salish Sea is one the most beautiful and inspiring places I’ve ever been;  I’m very thankful to call this place home.


Q: What is your artistic process like?
A: During the summer I travel a nationwide art tour that takes me to some 15 – 20 festivals each year. At these events is where I perform Live art. I’ll let my inspirations lead me, so I’ll be working on 5- 10 different paintings simultaneously. Eventually something grabs my attention and I work on finishing the artwork in the fall and winter.


Q: How does cannabis play into your artistic process? 
A: Marijuana does me wonders for relieving stress and anxiety, so I’m a big fan of high CBD for relaxation.  From time to time I can enjoy a more energizing strain recreationally, but that usually works best for me when I’m outside in the sunshine with my paints.


Q: In what ways does your art connect people to cannabis?
A: … I remember the first time I smoked weed,  I bought it from a friend in my art class, freshman year of high school. So in fact .. ever since I’ve been making art, I’ve been smoking marijuana! Today  you see cannabis has evolved to be apart of the festival culture so in that way it tends to lend inspiration to the art and music community.


Q: What would your dream project look like?
A:  Life purpose through passion. I’ve found what I love to do, what I’m good at, and how to sustain my cost of living. So my dream project would include finding my way to give back to the world through my art thus fulfilling the truth of my life purpose.