Day Trippin in Seattle

Welcome to Seattle!

Get excited for your Ultimate Stoner Funday:


Start your day with some great breakfast & coffee at Macrina Bakery & Cafe.


Once you’ve got a good meal under your belt and some Seattle energy, you’re only a few blocks from Dockside Cannabis – SoDo! Our staff will help you pick out exactly what you’re interested in and take the time to talk with so we can ensure you leave happy and ready for a day full of adventure.


Now that you have what you need to take on the city, start heading North and check out the Seattle Public Library and it’s awesome architecture! Just walking around, visiting all the floors & amazing views is a trip.


Pike Place Market is perfect for a Seattle lunch and people watching. However you might want to make sure you have a CBD cartridge to mellow you out when dealing with the massive crowds and fish-throwing. A quick stop by the Lavender stands near the main entrance should immerse you in enough linalool terpenes to relax your senses.


Walking through the Sculpture Park only takes a few minutes so you might as well enjoy some art as you head toward Fremont!


The self-proclaimed ‘Center of the Universe’ is full of more good food, good coffee, shops, and good people. Snapping  selfies at the famous Lenin Statue & Fremont Troll are both a must.13913362839_d3ded8e66a_b

If you’ve still got some daylight, a walk around Greenlake while the sun is setting is very beautiful.


Hop on the E Line up to Dockside Cannabis- Shoreline to see what our first location has to offer!

(You’ll probably need a Zoot Blast, Sativa Swift mints or a mini Craft Elixir to put in some coffee by this point if you’ve been enjoying Seattle’s finest cannabis all day.)

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You can use your transfer ticket to make your way back down to Wallingford and enjoy the multitude of Japanese, Thai, Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants, and of course Molly Moon’s!


End your day with an independent film at The Guild Theater on 45th just blocks away. You can’t smoke marijuana in the theater, but they do serve wine, beer, and plenty of munchies!2390362929_c59cd58f21_bAre you still awake?

If you happen to be embarking on this Stoner Funday on a Thursday through Sunday you can check out the Laser Dome At Pacific Science Center!

Lazer Floyd. Need we say more?


If you’ve managed to do everything on this list, you have completed the ULTIMATE Day Trip!

You’ve seen a ton of Seattle and blazed through all of it.

Welcome to the Highest City at Sea Level.