Strains for Your Summer Seattle Nightlife

Hello, Fellow cannabis lovers!

Summer is finally starting to show signs of sticking around with us, here in the Pacific Northwest. After 6 months of mental hibernation, we’re starting to emerge from our typical “grey” mentality and we’re shifting into our usual, or not so usual, eccentric Seattlite selves. Now that we can shed the heavy jackets, and throw on some shorts, we want to throw out some ways to get the most out of your evenings in our wonderful and weird city.colin pic

With so many crazy names and strains, how to choose the right ones for your nightly plans? Well, there are a few ways we can guide you to the strains you’ll love. First off, think about your plans and what all they’ll require, just because two strains both fit under the “sativa” umbrella doesn’t mean that their experiences are the same. For instance, I’ll choose two completely different strains depending on whether I’m going to a live show or a movie, but both will be “sativa dominant”. Even the kind of music I’m listening to can alter my choice of strains. The biggest point I’m trying to make here is that every strain is different in it’s own way.

I’d also like to point out that the general idea of “sativa/indica/hybrid” should be done away with, it’s an outdated system and greatly misrepresents the amazing diversity of cannabis strains. The reason I say this is almost entirely based on the existence of terpenes. There are thousands of different psychoactive experiences based on the strain and its corresponding terpene profile! Even the exact same strain, from two different growers or crops, can present a different terpene profile than its’ counterpart, resulting in a different experience. It’s exciting to know how diverse cannabis truly is, especially since we have this bright and shiny recreational cannabis market putting all of them right at our fingertips.

So, without getting too engulfed in the science of cannabis and why there are so many different “highs,” Here are some of the best strains for you to really enjoy the Seattle experience to the fullest!


  1. Allen Wrench by Artizen (indoor-grown)

Allen Wrench, is just one of those sativas that hits you with more energy than you would initially iallen wrenchmagine, given the general and incorrect stereotype given to cannabis users. Wrench’s parents are Trainwreck and New York Sour Diesel, and it definitely lives up to it’s lineage. With a jittery energy, as well as a bit of a tunnel vision-esque euphoria, I find Allen Wrench best for going on a hike, in one of the many parks scattered through the greater Seattle area, or going out on the town for a live rock show or a nightclub at night. This strain is definitely a bit of an experience, so the novice enthusiast may want to hold off on this one. However, if you do choose to ride the vibes with Allen Wrench, just make sure you don’t smoke too close to bedtime.


  1. Buffalo Bill by Doc & Yeti (indoor-grown)

This one is part of, what I consider, a “brother/sister” pair from Doc & Yeti, and it is a treat. This one jumps out at you as soon as you open the jar with a bright green piney and citrusy aroma, shortly followed by a musky pungence. As flavorful as that may sound, it’s high is even better. A full bodied “sativa” experience, I’ve used Buffalo Bill because of how balanced it is. With a warm, fuzzy, sensation around your temples and a signature sativa “energy and euphoria,” this strain remains pleasantly clear headed and functional. I’d say this one is perfect for a night of arts or live music. Every time I smoke Buffalo Bill I find myself gravitating to my music collection. A must try for any level of smoker!


  1. Red Headed Stranger by Doc & Yeti (indoor-grown)

Following up with the second of the pair is Red Headed Stranger. With many of the same flavor points and high points as the Buffalo Bill, this one still has a unique spin. Hidden behind much of the same flavor profile as Buffalo Bill you’ll find a brighter sweetness and a mid-palate creaminess. Red Headed Stranger has significantly less physical energy which it fully compensates for through a very creative and expansive head high. This one was named after a Willie Nelson song/album/movie and after a 2 hits I can fully understand why. Everything is more mellow and vivid after sitting down with my bong for a few minutes. My brain feels like it’s wearing a warm blanket. You’d really just have to smoke this one to fully catch the gist of this wonderful herb. I’d recommend a painting class or laser show, which there’s no place better for than the Seattle Center Pacific Science Center! Definitely a mellow but happy high.


  1. AK-47 by Puffin Farm (outdoor-grown)

10669353_789101301162885_2947677329042417401_oDuring my hours at Dockside Cannabis SoDo, there aren’t many sativa dominant strains I recommend as often as Puffin Farm’s hidden gem, AK-47. A product of crossing Afghani Indica and Thai sativa, This farm’s crop is the best I’ve ever had. It smells vividly of berries and Juniper berries with a light green tint to the nose. The Afghani parentage come out in the flavor as well as the way the high presents without the raciness of it’s Thai mother. I love  their AK-47 because of its unparalleled functionality and outgoingness. You’ll find yourself exploring Downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market, and eventually stopping at Dick’s to satisfy the moderate munchies left behind as you come down. Ringing in around 25% THC and 2-3% total Terpenes, this is a must try for anyone, especially those who have had issues with panic or discomfort with sativas in the past.


  1. Chemdawg #4 by North Coast Growers (indoor-grown)


When we first brought North Coast Growers to our shelves I was very skeptical. They were big, fluffy, bags with crazy artwork on the front and none of us had really heard much about them at all. Even though I was a bit thrown off, at first, when I picked up my first sample of Chemdawg #4 I was floored. It was so fully what had been described as the mystery hybrid that High Times had teased us with in the past. I’ll say that it may not be the most attractive sounding strain but one hit and you’ll understand how it fits into the Seattle lifestyle. This one is HAZY and more of a sensation enhancing strain. I’d find the time to enjoy a massage or a loud EDM show and let your body revel in the sensations of either.


  1. Middle Fork by Top Shelf (indoor-grown)


A cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Dutch Treat, Middle Fork has a very mellow, demotivational body buzz that glues you comfortably to one or two places, if you let it. The cerebral effects are what, I believe, earned its’ place in the world of weed! The head is closed, so very warm and fuzzy, dopey, and cerebrally active. Middle Fork is just an amazing strain for a giggly and happy time. I’d suggest using Middle Fork as more of a “relax and soak it in” kind of enhancer. I’d feel fairly confident in saying an art exhibit, animated movie, or some loud music on a good sound system would really bring this award winner into the spotlight.


To keep this short and simple, don’t just smoke cannabis. LOVE cannabis and build your own personal relationship with the herb, just like you would a very dear friend. With so many different terpene combinations and options there is absolutely a strain for you to make your Seattle experience, or any other experience, a memory you’ll never forget. Be good, smoke good, and love weed.