Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Galentine’s Day Edition!

Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Galentine’s Day Edition!

It’s been a doozy of a winter for most of us and spring cannot come soon enough. However, spring has yet to be sprung and we’re still in the winter doldrums. Dealing with our severe lack of Vitamin D and getting up for work in the dark… and leaving work in the dark. But luckily, there’s Galentine’s Day! Forget the commercialism of the other holiday and celebrate the female friends in your life! If you’re a Parks and Recreation fan you already know about this holiday but if not let me give you the skinny: before we appreciate our significant others we appreciate our REAL life partners: our female friends. Maybe someone on a television show will invent a holiday to celebrate male friendships (and they darn well should!) but until then we’re going to talk about lady friends.


Frances Ha and Bond Sensual Oil – What happens when your best friend decides to get engaged and move out of your shared apartment, leaving you to fend for yourself? Well, if you’re lucky you grow up and become your own best friend. A quick way to become your own best friend is treating yourself to Bond sensual oil. Good for solo and partner play, this product will only make you love yourself more.


Bridesmaids and Seattle Green Buds’ Cotton Candy – Just like cotton candy, friendships can be fluffy and beautiful or a gross hot mess. But either way, they are as sweet as can be. This energetic and giggly sativa is the perfect companion for this hilarious and tender ode to female friendship. Come Wilson Phillips at your wedding or pooping in the streets, your true blue gal pals will be there.


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Part 1 & 2 and Cascade Gnome’s Prism – When four best friends fit into the same magical jeans they have to share them while apart during a tumultuous teenage summer. Just as magical as these jeans is this super stoney hybrid from the wizards at Cascade Gnome. Make yourself feel like a shiny human rainbow then envelop yourself in the warmth of lady friends.


Thelma & Louise and Honey Creek’s F*$king Incredible prerolls – This kind of bond is pretty f*$king incredible. I mean, would you drive off a cliff for your best lady bro? If they were in the passenger seat next you, holding your hand, you’re darn right you would. “Let’s just keep going!”


TRIPLE FEATURE ALERT! Ghostbusters/The Heat/9 to 5 and Puffin Farm‘s AK-47 – Sometimes the ladies you meet on the job end up becoming your best friends, especially if you’re busting ghosts or chasing criminals or demanding your boss stop treating you like crap. AK-47 is the perfect pairing for these fun and kick-ass movies about broads taking care of business.


TRIPLE FEATURE ALERT! Steel Magnolias/Beaches/Fried Green Tomatoes and Seattle Green Bud’s 24K Gold prerolls – Friendship is golden and so are these classic tales of lady buds throughout the ages. It’s an actual fact: lady buds are the most valuable currency since gold. Ask anyone.


Romy and Michelle’s High School
and Pioneer Nuggets’ Cinderella’s Dream
– How you think your high school reunion will go and how it actually goes are two very different things sometimes. However, surviving anything is way easier with your #1 Ride or Die chick by your side. Also, if you have a super awesome synchronized dance to “Time After Time” you are already a dream.


Now and Then and Artizen’s DutchBerry – Now and Then and Artizen’s Dutch Berry are essentially the same. Fun, sweet, and giggly. This film tells the story of four best pals growing up in the 1960’s and being there for each other in present day, despite all of the crazy changes in their lives. Watch this, smoke a ton of Dutch Berry, and eat loads of candy while having a slumber party with your very best friend. It will make everything better.


DOUBLE FEATURE! Heavenly Creatures/Single White Female and Optimum Extract’s Cherry Pie Cartridge – Sometimes lady friendships can get DARK and in the event of this we have the wonderfully relaxing Cherry Pie! It’s definitely easier to keep calm and not murder anyone with this lovely cartridge in your pocket.


The Joy Luck Club and Lazy Bee’s North Star – The North Star is something you can always find in the night sky and it can help you find your way home, even if you think you’re going to be lost forever. Same deal with the awesome ladies of The Joy Luck Club. A group of Chinese women and their Chinese-American daughters get together to play mahjong, eat, and tell their stories. This moving inter-generational tale of best lady friends is as bright and gorgeous as the North Star.


TRIPLE FEATURE ALERT! Whip It/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/Bend It Like Beckham and Ethos’ Body Buzz Bath Salts – Some ladies find their gal pal soul mates on the field/dance floor/track. When you’ve beat the other team or proven yourself to be the best dancer in town the only thing more soothing than your best friend’s glowing praise is sitting in a bathtub full of these incredibly relaxing bath salts.

TV SHOW BONUS! Broad City Seasons 1-3 and Artizen Green Queen Prerolls – Sex and the City and Girls have nothing on these hilarious stoner best girlfriends living their lives in NYC  and just trying to get high and have a cool time together. Abbi and Ilana struggle with garbage jobs, not having enough cash to see Lil’ Wayne, and dudes that are super hot but suuuuuck at improv. Crown yourself weed queen with three side-splitting season of Broad City and some Green Queen joints. MUST BE NICE!