Our Charitable Giving Recap of 2016

Our Charitable Giving Recap of 2016

We had a great year spreading the love, running a 5k for ovarian cancer, hosting an adoption at event at our birthday party, hanging out with our charities, & almost doubling our charitable giving in 2016!

We were able to raise money for wonderful organizations doing important work like Washington CeaseFire, Books to Prisoners, Refugee Women’s Alliance, Orca Conservancy, Victim Support Services, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Project CBD, Growing Veterans, Whisker City & Motley Zoo, Solid Ground, The Soldiers Project, and most recently, Rainier Valley Food Bank.

Y’all love some friendly competition. When we pitted Motley Zoo against Whisker City in September to see who would “win,” we were able to raise a whopping $4,117 for both the cats & dogs!

This cold December was our second most charitable month, with all of you donating $2,915 to Rainier Valley Food Bank to help feed our neighbors. It also felt good to be able to donate $2,416 to Project CBD in July after a hard month when we lost Coleman Whiting, a member of the Dockside family, and a friend to us all.
With both Dockside Cannabis Shoreline & Dockside Cannabis SoDo accepting donations to these awesome organizations all year, we hoped that we would be able to raise more money for charities than we had in 2015.  Y’all nearly doubled your charitable contributions this past year from $13,582 in 2015 to $25,411 in 2016!

To kick off this new year, you can start by making a donation at the register to Artist Trust. Artist Trust is a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. Artist Trust is a funder, supporter, connector, and advocate for visual, performing, literary, media, folk/traditional, and interdisciplinary artists. Since 1986, they have invested over $10 million in grants, resources, and career training for thousands of emerging, mid-career, and established artists throughout Washington’s urban and rural communities.

There are more than 50,000 emerging and established artists in Washington State – many facing the challenge of making a life, and a living, as artists. Artist Trust was one of the first non-profit organizations in the country, and is the only in Washington State, to provide these direct services and support to artists. Artist Trust’s programs ensure that Washington artists at all stages of their careers not only survive, but thrive.

By supporting Artist Trust, you play a major role in keeping our Washington communities innovative, vibrant, and creative!