Strain Spotlight – North Coast Growers: Pez


Riley at Dockside Cannabis SoDo recently reviewed Pez by North Coast Growers and loved it!

pezVisual Assessment:
I personally enjoyed my North Coast 2 gram packaging. Even though the product isn’t visible from the front of the package, it’s highly visibly when turned around. My co-worker Matt mentioned that opening a package of North Coast was a similar feeling to opening a pack of baseball cards when he was younger, and I definitely agree with that. Drawn to the colors and design aesthetics of the collectible Slow Loris artwork on the packaging, North Coast provides a package that’s hard to match. Although it’s plastic, the packaging protects the product well.
The buds were tightly trimmed nugs with a few fluffy leaves, and the cure left moderate moisture content with a stem that snaps clean. These were large nugs, light green with an abundance of bright orange hairs. My bag came with a few bowl sized intact nugs, with two larger intact Christmas tree nugs, all with long visible trichomes. Overall it looks very pleasing and rather appetizing!

Aromatics and Flavor: A pungent and fruity strain that primarily smells of citrus and lemon with a hint of pine. The initial smell comes on strong, and arises when the nugs are broken and ground. My favorite part of reviewing the Pez was the smoke! It had a super smooth, very cool, well flushed hit, not harsh to the lungs at all. I personally smoke out of a bong, but also tried it in a pipe. The taste was remarkable, very proficient of cool pine. The lemon and citrus in the smell seemed to fade, but the deliciousness of the cool pine and abundant terpenes make this strain a pleasing one to smoke.

Experience: Pez by North Coast provided a relaxed body high, as well as a groovy head high without merging too far on the stupefaction scale. Perfect for daytime indica use, not too intense but a noticeable high that eases on and stays a while. Band mates of mine rave about a strain that’s 3/4 Pez and 1/4 Northern Lights from the 90’s on Whibdey island, and with Pez being a strain bred by an old hippie breeder on Lopez island decades ago, there is possibility of similarities in the strains lineage. I smoked some of the Pez with the band at rehearsal and they remembered that wonderful taste from back in the day, it wasn’t exactly the stuff they used to smoke but it was similar! Hooray for local weed!
          Overall, A perfect strain to take to load off of work but not pass out and enjoy a mellow relaxing evening, or also the perfect strain for daytime indica use. Whether it’s your rainy day off and you’re looking to chill, or perhaps a visit to the aquarium.